What's that tingling sensation?

Oh yeah...that's the residual feelings from holding a hairdryer that shorted on me and caught on fire. Time to get a new one...except I don't really use one...except for last night.

You see, my son somehow peed in his my bed...facing down. So, after discovering this upon waking him up...and in between finding the Nature's Miracle that we keep on hand for our other son...the canine one...decided to drop a huge deuce in our family room. This was discovered after I dump a 1/4 gallon on the pee spot on my mattress and set a Vornado up on high and jacked up the heat on the second floor to dry the mattress to dry the mattress, hopefully, in time for bed that evening.

But...around 7:30pm (or 1930 for you military peeps)...the bed was still damp. Mr. Muscles needs to get up just a few hours past midnight for work so there is no way that this bed'll be dry in time. So, Braniac here gets the quasi-brilliant idea of aiming a hair dryer at the miserable spot. I. Am. Nothing. Short. Of. A. Genius. Actually, it was a good idea...had the dryer not shorted right when I turned it on and started sparking and smoking AND not turn off when I switch it to off leaving me trying to figure out quickly if I risk electrocution by trying to unplug it AND knowing that it obviously needs to be unplugged to leave this house before it burns it down. I unplug it and hand it to Mr. Muscles who is taking out the trash. hand is tingling as is my scalp. Why? Oh yeah...I guess I did electrocute myself...mildly...capping an end to my day that I could do nothing else but laugh at.


Melis said...

Waaaaaaaaahahahahahhahahahahahaha OMG I can only laugh at this because I. Have. Been. There. And you're okay. But bwahahahahaha too funny - I needed this! (Even though you didn't!)

blunoz said...

Oh my gosh that's one of those nights you just wanna say to yourself, "Self, what the heck ELSE could POSSIBLY go wrong tonight???" Hope everything is back to normal. :-)

Ellyn said...

lol!! zzzzzap.

Tanya said...

Melissa...woman, you know I was cracking up! It was great since it all happened within a few hours and the whole time leading up to it everything was just fine.

Blunoz...I seem to have those questions a lot. I also consult myself...a lot...esp. when the hubs is out to sea.

Ellyn...I felt like Spiderman...get it? Tingling sensation? Hahaha...*sigh*